Solar Control

3M Affinity Window Film

Affinity 30 from the inside comparison

3M Affinity Window Film – Traditonal Metallized Window film for sun control

3M Affinity Window Film combines quality and performance along with exceptional value. This series of window film has great heat rejection properties which provide energy savings and improved comfort at a low cost with a return on investment usually in 3 years. And with a low interior reflectivity these films reduce glare and eye discomfort. Affinity films are made from aluminum-metalized polyester and also offer increased personal safety protection from flying glass.



Affinity 30

As the lightest film in the Affinity series has high heat rejection at 61%, reduces glare and UV.

Affinity 15

As the darkest film in the Affinity series has extremly high heat rejection at 79%, minimizes glare and UV.