Automotive Paint Protection

Automotive Paint Protection

Clear protection for your vehicle paint

Nearly invisible, highly durable urethane automotive paint protection film for your car, truck, van or SUV with a range of coverage and prices.

We know how you feel about your new vehicle!

For those who want to keep their vehicles looking like new, we provide professional and affordable paint protection film or clear bra installation in the Charlotte, North Carolina Area.

Paint protection film or clear bra film covers your car, truck, or SUV to prevent damage to your automotive exterior paint finish. We can install, remove, or replace paint protection film or clear bra to protect the exterior painted surfaces of any vehicle. When the film is damaged it can be removed and with a new installation at a cost much lower than re-painting.

We offer:

  • Paint Protection Film – Clear Bra Installation and Replacement
  • Headlight Protection Film installation.

The Cost of Your Vehicle Resale Value

Preserve the resale value of your vehicle with a crystal clear, high gloss and non-yellowing urethane film that protects your vehicle from chips, scratches, and bugs with no special maintenance and a 7 Year Warranty – backed by 3M, the best clear bra paint protection film in the industry.

We use 3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Pro Series Films and 3M patterns to produce our kits in house and we can custom cover any painted surface.

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Get Clear Bra Paint Protection Film (PPF) installed today by 3M Certified Installers!

Clear Bra Paint Protection Film cost by Part (Installed)

  • Full hood – $500
  • Partial hood – $225
  • Full Bumper – $400
  • Full Fender – $150 each
  • Partial Fender – $30 each
  • Rocker Panels – $200
  • Trunk Ledge – $50
  • Door Cup – $15 each
  • Door Edge – $15 each
  • Mirror Backs – $25 each
  • Custom coverage available!