Safety & Security Films

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Safety & Security Films

Transforming windows with safety and security films

Your windows are your weakest link in any building. Safety and security films protect your investment and people. Reducing injury from flying glass during severe weather and slow down criminals.

Clear or tinted protection

Available in clear or with sun control features. These thin, pliable films are applied over existing windows and maintain a high level of optical clarity. Available shades in the Ultra series have sun control options that range from dark and reflective to slightly tinted with high heat rejection. Of course, all of the films have 99% UV protection. And unlike thick, stiff, single-layered films, 3M uses micro-thin, cross-woven layers laminated together to enhance tensile strength and elongation. This patented film construction delivers superior performance over standard polyester due to its ability to absorb shock.

Added protection with an attachment system

An attachment system will help prevent the entire glass pane from blowing out of the window frame. There are two types of attachment systems offered by 3M. The first, IPA or impact protection adhesive is a structural silicone. The second, IPP or impact protection profile is a rubber gasket. Both bond the film on the glass to the frame for more structural strength.

How are these films tested

Extensive independent agency tests have proven that the threat of injury due to flying glass and will be reduced by the use of these films. Consequently, there are fewer fragments and debris capable of inflicting harm.