Measuring your windows for window film

Measuring your window panes for window film is really easy.

Be prepared if you are wanting a quote for window tinting. If you have a tape measure go and get it, along with a way to record the amount of panes and  their measurements. Windows are basically comprised of a frame and a glass pane and sometimes there are dividers or grids in or on the glass panes. 

How to measure the real size of the glass panes.

The picture shows a double hung window with an upper and lower pane of glass. The grid that divides up the window can be removable, encapsulated in the pane or True Divided (non removable).

With no grid, encapsulated grid or removable grid you can measure the glass pane from frame to frame.

For True Divided or non removable grids you will have to measure each individual pane of glass in the grid of the window. It’s tedious but necessary.

First thing to do is measure the height and width of each glass pane not the overall window, window film only goes on the glass and not the frame. Don’t assume that all windows will be the same size, measure each pane to be absolutely sure. Even if they look close in size you should still double check and avoid mistakes. 

For arched, circular or odd shaped window panes you need to measure the width at the widest point and the height at the tallest point which is usually the center of the pane. For triangle or trapezoid windows measure the width and the tallest side.

Pictures always help if there are some irregular shaped windows so send us a picture if you’re not sure and we will be glad to help.

Now that you have all of your information you can send us an email for a free quote!

Now which window film is best for your needs and your windows?

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